Chair of Multimedia Communications and Signal Processing


In Video Signal Processing and Transmission cutting-edge algorithms for the acquisition, improvement and reconstruction of images are developed. Besides single-image cameras heterogeneous camera arrays are researched, where individual camera parameters such as spatial resolution, dynamic range, spectral sensitivity or polarization may differ among the involved cameras. In the field of image and video analysis approaches from the field of machine learning are mainly used. One possible area of application is inspection technology. Furthermore, the chair researches on the latest issues in image and video coding. Among others, special adjustments and enhancements of already existing coding standards for special cases such as medical data, screen content or fish-eye video sequences are examined.

In the field of Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing model- and data-based algorithms are researched for acoustic human/machine-interaction and for the analysis and playback of real and virtual acoustic scenes. These involve different application, e.g., telecommunication and telepresence, hearing aid devices, smart homes, human/machine-communication or immersive multimedia environments. As a key characteristic, the usage of the spatial dimension via multi-channel signal processing plays a decisive role in many projects.

The Multidimensional Signals and Systems Theory provides the basis for various aspects of multimedia communication and further applications. Images, image sequences as well as multi-view camera images are multidimensional signals with two, three and more dimensions. Furthermore, multidimensional system describe the propagation of sound waves in speech communication and music playback as well as electromagnetic waves in different media. Also the diffusion of particles and their chemical reactions are multidimensional processes. The theoretical principles of multidimensional signals and systems theory are applied to security aspects in direct current grids and fundamental questions in molecular communication. Another area of application is the synthesis of music using physical models.