Lecture Language:
  • German
Hours (Lecture):
  • Mo 14:15-15:45 05.025
Credit Points:
  • 2,5 ECTS
Time Lecture:
  • 2
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The lecture presents the foundations of human machine interaction. The focus lies on traditional audiovisual communication, complemented by news ways of haptics and gesture control. The lecture starts with technical prerequisites of audiovisual recording and reproduction. The following topics cover the human perception of loudness, luminance and color, as well as spatial hearing. Finally systems for audiovisual recording and reproduction are presented.

  • Foundations from physics
    • Sound waves
    • Electromagnetic waves
    • Acoustical phenomena and parameters
    • Optical phenomena and parameters
  • Systems for recording and reproduction
    • Video recording and reproduction
    • Audio recording and reproduction
  • Haptics and gesture control