Lecture Language:
  • German, English
Hours (Lecture):
  • Thursday 14:00-18:00 06.021
Credit Points:
  • 2,5 ECTS


Today, many image and video signal processing applications are running on embedded systems. However, the computational power and the energy storage is a limiting demand for embedded systems. Nevertheless, daily mobile devices like smartphone and tablet are able to perform signal processing tasks for image and video signals, for example coding of images and videos, the creation of a panorama or the calculation of images with high dynamic range. The image and video signal processing on embedded systems lab course should show the challenges that occur while handling with such mobile devices and the implementation of such algorithm on an embedded system. Therefore, Raspberry Pis are used as embedded systems and Python as coding language in the laboratory. The experiments include the setup of the Raspberry Pi, an introduction to Python and an introduction to image and video signal processing. In addition, a camera will be connected, signal processing will be done with the camera and digital filters are implemented. Moreover, the laboratory includes different computer vision applications like the creation of a panorama or background replacement.



For the laboratory a registration is required. The centralized, two-phase registration of the department EEI starting on Monday 30.09.2019, 0:00h and ending on Sunday, 13.10.2019, 23:55h  is used on StudOn. Early registration is recommended as places are limited!   Registration alone does not constitute a claim on participating in the lab course. On the first day of the lab course, the participants will be selected from the attendant students based on the order of registration. Therefore, all interested students (both regular and waiting list) are asked to attend the first meeting. Attendance is mandatory on all days of the lab course!



31. October: Organization, Exp. 1: Putting the Embedded System in Operation
7. November: Exp. 2: Introduction to the Programming Language Python
14. November: Exp. 3: Introduction to Image Signal Processing with Python
21. November: Exp. 4: Image Signal Processing with a Camera
28. November: Exp. 5: Introduction to Computer Vision
5. December: Exp. 6: Creating a Panorama, Part 1
12. December: Exp. 7: Creating a Panorama, Part 2
9. January: Exp. 8: Introduction to Object Detection
16. January: Exp. 9: Machine Learning Object Detection followed by Background Replacement
23. January: Additional
30. January/ 6. February: Excursion


The script in English language will be available for download on StudOn. The supervision of the lab course will be bilingual. A printed version of the script in English will be handed out for free during the first meeting.