• Ali Khairat
  • 15.06.2011
  • 15.12.2011
Quality monitoring and error detection in systems is a major step in the

testing phase of a system before making it available to the consumer.

In new infotainment systems present in luxurious cars, system errors

are not accepted and should be avoided. Consequently, a monitoring

system should be built to record the data shown on the infotainment

screen and an analysis of the data should be done to detect errors and

find their sources.

One frequent system error is image freezing, i.e. motion stop of the navigation

map due to high CPU loads or other error sources. In order to

detect such an artifact, the difference image between frames could be

used to signal any motion in the frames. When no motion exists, this

can mean that either the car has stopped or a freezing has occurred. In

order to differentiate between both cases, the map position should be

calculated before and after the motion stop, and map jumps could then

be detected. For that, invariant points on the map that exist before and

after the freeze should be found and map rotations and translations

could then be calculated by solving the affine transformation equation.

The task of Mr. Khairat is to test different invariant feature detectors

and descriptors such as Harris, SIFT, SURF, and FAST, and compare

their performance when used for tracking of translating and rotating navigation

maps considering different map display styles. Two performance

criteria have to be tested: the robustness of the features after rotation

and translation of the map, and the computation time for each detector/

descriptor. Additionally, Mr. Khairat has to implement a method

to select the best feature points and track the motion of the map. He

will have then to test his algorithm on different navigation sequences

(with and without freezing) and report its performance for various map


The algorithms have to be implemented in MATLAB and a clean documentation

of the work and of the source code will be highly assessed.

Betreuer: Gilbert