Nowadays, video streaming solutions have conquered the mass markets such that billions of end-users worldwide stream videos on highly versatile devices like smartphones, TVs, or tablet PCs. Recent studies show that 1% of the greenhouse gas emissions worldwide are related to video communication services. This number includes all factors in the video communication toolchain such as video capture, compression, storage, transmission, decoding, and replay. Due to the large impact and the potential rise in video communication demand in the future, it is highly important to tackle the energy efficiency of video streaming solutions and come up with new ideas to allow a sustainable use of this technology.

In this respect, we offer various interesting topics for Bachelor's and Master's thesis as well as research internships. Tasks include the analysis, the modeling, and the optimization of video streaming services. For example, you can perform measurements and analysis for dedicated hardware like smartphones, evaluation boards, or desktop PCs; you can try modeling the power consumption of practical software like encoders or decoders; or you can implement new energy efficient solutions. Are you interested? Please contact us!